Poster Child for S.O. Law Reform

originally posted 3/28/2010 I have been indicted on 1 count of Receipt of Child Pornography while I was using Limewire. I havent had my trial yet, but I am fighting like hell to change the laws and public perception regarding these charges, and this seems like the place to start. I want to talk to … [Read more…]

The Long Reach of Unjust Plea Bargains!

originally posted 3/13/2010 I’m a registered Sex Offender. In, 1995 I was charged with Criminal Deviate Conduct , Confinement, Sexual Battery Criminal Deviate Conduct:to-wit inserted his finger in her vagina when victom was compelled by Force or the imminent threat of force in Violation of I.C. 35-42-4-2 9 months later: �Deposition come forward in the … [Read more…]