There Is A Hope (Was Marked For Death, Years Ago)

By Crash…

I just wanted to share my story. Not just about having dealt with the registry per se but having dealt with the American justice system and those who were involved, over a sex crimes case. A horrific case that had started with an arrest by a possessed and crooked detective years ago. A case/situation God had saved me from in just two years and a couple of months. Without all that time spent in jail either. I don’t know if this post will count but I must inform others. Do some sort of good. Please read all this very carefully, understand it, and be aware of how most American citizens are towards anyone who commit such crimes. Regardless of their state of mind, or whether they pose a danger or not. They want the same thing for all men with such charges. Which is destruction. Even several years down the line, without any other crimes having been committed. Many teens, men, and women that have an attraction to minors and haven’t acted on their feelings, cannot get help in America and God forbid any of them get caught up in the system. Not even the therapy that’s given to SOs is real. I hope no one thinks badly of me because I had actually committed some of the crimes.

That nightmare of a situation, had started some early morning in October, when a large number of law enforcement and members of the so-called “Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force,” targeted the apartment that I was in. I woke up to loud banging at the door at 5 something(in the morning and it was still dark). I got up, somewhat shocked and confused, looked through the peephole and saw some officers standing in front of the door. I opened the door and was then escorted out of the apartment as some officers went in to find anyone else to take out of the apartment. But I had been the only occupant for quite some time. There were multiple vehicles outside. There were cop cars and I remember seeing a large truck.

I sat on a set of stairs, which were close to the apartment that I was in and that of three others.Then I was given a chair(from the apartment) to sit on, as some officers and some “task force” people ransacked the apartment.

Then I was escorted away from the apartment buildings,by a detective and his blonde female assistant, who was another officer. We took a couple of steps to a black car, which belonged to the detective. From there the detective, heavily influenced by demons, did the best he could to set me up for death. The blonde female officer sat behind him as he asked me questions and manipulated me into putting death upon my head and at some point she got out of the car and went back towards the apartment complex. He let me know that he was there because of illegal things that were downloaded online. I won’t say what the actual name is but surely you get the idea. It’s that stuff involving minors

I found out later on, from someone close to me, that it had been the internet service provider which also provided satellite TV, like for example XFinity, that had helped him out. The officers had fiendishly been scouring the internet traffic in that area, maybe the whole city, looking for specific keywords pertaining to such crimes. They stumbled upon the network that I had been using and slipped a program onto the PC, with me being completely unaware of that at the time. The program allowed them to see what was downloaded and how many times a certain thing was viewed. It also allowed them to download things directly from my PC. They had been onto to me a little over a year before my arrest. There was a trail behind me from the previous city I had been in, which was in the same state. So basically, I had moved from one city to another and got arrested in the city I moved to, over a year later. For some reason, the detective and maybe his associates too, had asked the internet service provider the location of where the downloads were coming from. Like couldn’t they have found the place themselves? Most likely that was because the addresses for apartments are different as opposed to houses. Then again,if I remember correctly, there had been a “complaint” from the ISP to law enforcement. Not sure. Anyhow, the ISP gave them the address of the group of apartment complexes. Again most likely because the addresses for each individual apartment were different as opposed to house addresses. From the looks of it, the apartment that I was in could not have been directly pinpointed by law enforcement and the ISP. After the detective had received the address of the group of apartment complexes, he and other officers went to the main office for the apartments and workers there gave the exact location of where I resided. I believe that is how everything played out, before I was arrested. There had been some sort of heads-up fron the ISP which also provided the cable a month or so before my arrest. It pains me that I could have heeded them, and acted quickly when I had the chance and avoided that horrific situation altogether. Two workers from the main office of the group of apartment complexes, and who had been nice to my mother gave me no heads up whatsoever. And workers from the main office, not sure which one specifically but it was a collective thing, kicked my aging mother out. Some point after the arrest and as I sat in jail. They even let her know that any belongings left inside the apartment after the short amount of time that they gave for all belongings to be removed, would be thrown into the trash. Man… There are no words, for the type of influence that is out there. I have no words. SMH. I basically toyed around with the occult. Open doors and let some monsters into my life. Even with watching “legal porn” and some demonic show with sexual scenes called American Horror Story.

Being a special, slow, socially awkward, restless, slightly mentally challenged, and sleepless 21 year old, I was cornered by the detective, who was influenced and moved by powerful demonic forces, into giving myself up. I gave my name along with the names of some relatives of mine. I also mentioned schools I went to. At some point I was dishonest about me being a college student who was studying things having to do with computers. Which was untrue because I wasn’t taking any such classes, and was only taking 2(one of which was Italian, which I failed miserably in and the other which was world religions). Around the time though, I hadn’t been connected to any classes. The World Religion class had been done. I certainly was not a college student taking computer classes much less a college student at all. I have learning and social difficulties and had been placed into special ed as a child. I have regular anxiety and social anxiety and my nerves could easily get overworked through rapid heart beating, arm/body shaking, throwing something at someone, blurting something senseless, etc. My life wasn’t in order and I would spend most of the day in the house, everday. I had lived a life of utter confusion, uncertainty, and despair as the devil’s world spun around me. Unable to drive, learn at school/college, obtain and maintain a job or career, express myself and oppose others, and many other things adults 18 and up were doing out there. Unable to “squeeze in” and catch on to anything. It was like that for years before I even went to that apartment. Around that time I had just stayed in the house all day and played video games mostly but also watched TV and porn(both “legal” and illegal) on PC, till the next morning, like around 2 then go to bed. I had jacked my sleep cycle badly and was in some sort of dark limbo. It was a dark cycle, that I had been sucked into, in which something bad was bound to happen. I had also sent threatening messages to people online. People fron the past that were used by the enemy against me.

So back to the story. The possessed detective had worked against me the best he could, as I sat next to him in his car, through using my intelligence against me with a false confession, information about me, and even some bogus survey of his that I took. On the survey I amswered the questions in such a way that made it look as if I were some sophisticated, smart, college student who knew a lot of PCs. Which was untrue and he knew that and used that against me nonetheless. For his twisted, evil pleasure and sense of “good.” Eventually he would manipulate the report through lies and deceptions. At some point he was persistent in asking me the reason I watched the videos. He had also asked me about the “legal” porn I watched, to use that against me too. To which I mentioned some sex tapes from some famous lesbian and some other “legal” porn videos I downloaded. He actually tried using “legal” porn against me! As if that had anything to do with the situatuon in the eyes of most American people. That showed just how much the demons own the porn/adult entertainment industry, as well as the government, courts, and police force. He used the very sort of thing that had planted seeds in me since around age 10/11, to put words in the report like “he told me he obtained the (illegal) pictures and videos for sexual gratification.” He used the corellation between “legal” porn and the illegal kind against me only when it was convient to him. Many Americans as it is, don’t think that the porn/adult entertainment industry leads many people, mostly men, to commit sex crimes yet while under their noses an officer of theirs used that very same connection in his report to paint me off as some porn-watching, sick, predatory “pervert” with sex on his mind. There was a point where reared his head towards me with some desperate, fiendish look in his eyes and said “There’s nothing wrong with porn, Crash.”

One of his cohorts, the blonde female officer that I spoke of, had returned and shown up at the window over on his side, and showed him the psyche meds that were prescribed to me. They were found by other officers on a dresser. She showed him the meds, on-the-low, so as for me not to notice what she was doing to me and he basically swept that finding “under the rug” as some demon(s) was using him like a puppet. After all, the only cure for people who commit such crimes is shame, victimization, destruction, torture, and death. Even those involved in the mental health system have that way of thinking and got the same sort of evil spirits on them. From such people I have many more experiences that I could write about but it would be too much.

The crooked female officer then sat in the back seat, behind her associate again, as the crooked cop further tried manipulating me into bringing destruction upon myself. The lady just sat there and listened in as he manipulated me with his questions and certain other words that he said. Basically what I had already spoken about. She just sat there with the dark influence that was on her and listened, perhaps to be some “witness” to him along with his hidden recording device. I gave him the password to the PC when he asked for it. I had noticed something fishy about me being questioned in the car specifically. As if I had to be away from whatever they were pulling against me. As if I wasn’t supposed to hear or see what they were up to both inside the apartment and near it on the outside.

As I’ve said before, he had this persistence in asking me why I downloaded those things. He also tried lure me in and get me to say that the reason I had them was to sexually gratify myself which is why he had asked me about any “legal” porn that I watched. Like coaching me. The way he carried himself was “predatory” itself and I looked like I was the one being groomed. I got worried and desperate, so I mentioned that I was victimized by a man in another state when I was a child. I gave that as the reason for the dowmloads and wanted to get him to understand me but to no avail. I remember him asking me the whereabouts of the man who sexually violated me as a child in another state. I held back and didn’t give the answer. He got this look on his face like he wanted to know who where that man was very badly. Like he was just dying to know. But surely, he could have given a damn about me having been victimized or many other victims for that matter. He just wanted to go devour another “s@@ off@@@@@.” It didn’t have much to do with me seeing as what he brought upon me and the things I heard him saying at the precinct. He just wanted to have someone else gutted. By the way it was some homosexual older boy, who victimized me, not a man. On the report he blatantly put that the downloads were for sexual gratification. He was orchestrating my demise.

After the questioning and manipulation in the car by the detective and that associate of his listening in as he unjustly and unlawfully worked against me, we got out of the car and headed towards the area where the apartment was. At some point the detective says something like “I’m sorry Crash,” and cuffs me. I swear, I don’t even remember hearing miranda rights or seeing a warrant, nor did I during the case/situation that ensued afterward. Everything was left behind. My expensive suits, shoes, watches, game system, DVDs, lasagna in the freezer, food in the fridge(someone cooked for me because I was so different and could not take care of myself much) etc. A new episode of American Horror Story was going to come on within that same week and I had thought about getting the PS4. The things of this world aint nothing. It’s all vanity and under the dominion of the evil one. The officers and task force members left the place ransacked. They left it upside down and eventually went about their beautiful, little lives. The detective put some paper that had info about my arrest on the table, like what he did was just too easy, then drove to the precinct to feast upon the dire situation he put me in, which I’m about to mention. He would eventually falsify his report and get 32 charges thrown onto my back by the prosecutor through that false and malicious report.

Anyhow. After the ordeal at the apartment complex, which took around an hour or so, I was driven to a precinct by another officer, then put into an interrogation room where I was left to sit by myself. As I sat in the room, I had overheard the detective(or rather a big- time, demonic entity talking right through his mouth) that arrested me saying:

“Crash is a dumb@@@.” “He’s stupid”  “Look… he’s so scared,” “He knows we’re watching him.” “So I asked him… Ares…and he told me…yeah….,” as he and the other devil’s children hid in some other room, looking at me on a monitor. Excuse my language there. Ares is a file-sharing program by the way.

Things can get better. There can be a better side to the story of anyone reading this. There is a hope.

To be continued in another post.


    Five years have passed since that arrest. The situation that ensued from that arrest still haunts me to this day. I have blamed myself and beat myself over the head more than once. I had thought about dying out somewhere in the streets because of that situation and certain experiences that happened during it. I have despised myself and heavily regretted the day that I was born. The situation didn’t just affect me but also others who had some connection to me. Money, time, and energy were spent from people that weren’t even blood-related to me. There’s also the shame, humiliation, and embarrassment to those with any connection to a person in those shoes.

    I wrote those things because of what I have seen and felt. Things I have observed and the energy I felt. There were more experiences where people were possessed. Both those in custody and civilians. There is such a thing called justice but it was non-existent the morning of my arrest. There were people that sided with me and knew something was not right. They knew what was going on was a perversion of justice. Some of them were the least likely people to have sided with me. One person asked me something like “Is any of this fair to you?”

    I would like to stop as many men as I could from falling into whatever traps are out there with my story. There are no other sites like this(that I know of) where such things could be discussed. Some are unaware of the changes FL lawmakers made to existing laws that would have the name of the charge changed and the degree of the changed turned into a higher one. Over some small details in the crimes. Small that don’t have much to do with the actual crimes. Just to “lawfully” give prosecutors leeway to play dirty. I simply wanted to make a difference.

    If my post was disruptive to you, it was not my intention. I feel like I must be some sort of doomsayer to make up for my past. That being said, I do point the finger at myself and hate what I have done to myself and those that had some sort of connection to me.

  2. FRED

    Oh ok. I don’t know if there is a delay or that mods chose not to publish it over the length and/or things having to do with religion. Which I would understand. I would not want to post anything that’s disruptive to others.

    But for sure, I hope that I could prevent as many people as I can from getting caught up in the system. Maybe stop just one “curious” person out there. Cause once it comes the time for them to be “told” it just might be too late for them. I wish someone had told me such things several months before my arrest. That situation could have been avoided and it didn’t just affect me but others as well. There was shame and humiliation on those close to me as well as loss of time and money. The situation haunts me to this day, despite the extraordinary outcome that occured a couple of years ago.

      1. FRED

        Oh ok. I would like your opinions on both posts. Are they too unorganized and all over the place? Are they understandable? I’m not much of a writer.

      2. They are pretty well written compared to many posts I have seen here. I wish more people would write as clearly with proper grammar and paragraph spacing as you did.

  3. I have written a follow-up post which I sent yesterday. It didn’t show up on TFTR.. So I sent it again..It still hasn’t shown up despite receiving two confirmation emails. Don’t know if it is the network that is faulty. Hopefully I can help others elsewhere.

    1. A volunteer has to read and approve your story. Then it will be published. It doesn’t happen instantly. It will be published soon.

  4. The writer admits improprieties yet continues to blame the “demon controlled” police, the apartment maintenance, the ISP, etc. Articles like this reflect poorly on the registered population. This person doesn’t represent me.

    1. I understand what you are saying. The point of this particular forum is to give those affected a place to express themselves, even if some of us disagree with what they say.

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