There Is A Hope. Part 2.

By Crash…

My previous post is “There Is Hope(Was Marked For Death, Years Ago). A post where I mentioned getting arrested by a crooked cop which led to me getting 32 charges. For my 1st offense. I was going to get death without having took someone’s life at age 21. I want to say that there is such a thing called hope. For sure, there is such a thing called hope. There is more to this world than what we see around us. My apologies for the length of the previous post and this post. I wanted to cram as many details and thoughts as I could. I should have broken up some of the paragraphs in that last post. I will continue with the story below.

The way the detective spoke in that other room was so ferocious. I had experienced the devil working through people against me while growing up(as far back as age 2), but what happened that early morning was just some next level stuff. It was amplified. Turned up. It was very, very, very hideous. It was alienlike(see the connection there?) in a way. Just otherworldly. And hellish. It was just out of this world. X-Files, type stuff. His voice was so cold, dead, and eerie. Like I was in a whole other realm. Mind you, he was doing all that at 6 something in the morning. When he invoked the name that is attached to some ancient demonic figure and false god from ancient Greece with that “Ares” comment of his, it was so surreal the way he uttered the name. The way he said the name by itself was chilling. It was like I fell into another dimension as I sat in the interrogation room by myself.

After he made that last comment, I was called out of the interrogation room then escorted to an elevator by him, to leave that house of demons and be brought to another, which was jail. As I stood next to the possessed detective in the elevator, I could see some small, somewhat unrealistic, grotesque, and twisted grin on his face as he stood very stiff, while looking straight forward. His head and body didn’t budge and he just stood still, like some sort of machine, his eyes dazed at the elevator doors with that grin of his. He was also tall, slender, and had glasses on which kinda cosigned with the strange appearance he had. He stood there stiff with that strange grin, looking as if he was holding in some great happiness or pleasure, for what he had brought upon me. He couldn’t burn me at the stake or shoot me in the head but he could sure use the law/criminal justice/court system.

As I’ve already mentioned, he would eventually falsify his report on me. Whether it was painting me off as a “smart,” college-student that knew a lot about computers and saying that I was “dishonest” to him. Things that were blatant lies and manipulation. He teamed up with the prosecutor who threw 32 charges onto my back. For my first offense by the way. For the one and only time I got arrested they gave me death at age 21. Even got the local news on board against me, which led to me being targeted and noticed both in jail and a psyche hospital. Sadly, I had asked that detective “Can I go home?” or “Can I go home now?” around 3 times in his black car, the morning of my arrest. My middle name which I didn’t even give to him, had shown up on the report and in the jail system.

He even went so far as to use a “conversation” I had on a social networking site with a teen female, to get me charged with some “soliciting of a minor” charge. To make it look as though I was preying on a 15 year old girl online. Be aware of these things and remember them. You won’t read or hear about these things anywhere else…. The “converastion” was very short and had been with a 15 year old girl that was in one of my classes at a high school that was in a different city but in the same state. He dug up the conversation(since my PC had been taken by them) and tried to use that to add more fuel to the fire.

I had messaged her to connect on some popular 1st-person shooter online. I’m being as real as I can be here. She blew me off, acting as if she didn’t know who I was. I then wrote that I was in one of her classes to which she did the same. I then replied by saying the name of the teacher of that class, to which she said “Bro, leave me alone!” I then rambled something about me becoming victorious and accomplishing many things in my life(I had serious issues), then blocked her. Keep that in mind, that it was I who blocked her.

There was nothing sexual or luring of the sort. Nothing about meeting up or going to each others’ houses. I myself didn’t even have the mental capacity, money, and energy to travel to another city and return. But the detective and prosecutor’s fellow citizens would believe it, upon seeing the news or reading such lies online! No questions asked. The possessed detective could have cared less about justice and the law. Neither did prosecutors. When I heard about the soliciting charge through the lawyer in jail, at the beginning of the situation, I didn’t have any clue as to how that charge had come about. I didn’t know what 15 year old girl they were talking about, as I only talked to women on meet up sites(one of which, the account belonging to it was mysteriously targeted for “phishing” attempts, as I had found out after the situation). Sites where I would be turned down by women directly and some conversations would end out of nowhere.

That false charge had led to the charges being cut down fron 32, to 11. Like I said before, I had sent threatening messages to others online. They were either homicidial or threatening bodily harm. But of course, the possessed detective didn’t use those messages as he, the prosecutors and the citizens they represent, were not at all concerned about homicidial maniacs among them but rather people charged with sexual crimes involving minors. Those messages couldn’t have been useful against me. Though I was more likely to commit violent acts, like pushing someone down the stairs or throwing hot water onto someone.(Which I did to a younger sibling years ago, and hate that I did that). Never anything sexual. I had two videos from Elliot Rodger on the PC too. The detective, as I’ve said before had tried to use the fact that I had “regular” or “legal” porn through certain wording on his report. He also talked garbage to my lawyer about me having other kinds of videos which were not even illegal such as ones involving “transwomen,” feet of women, women farting, or women defecating(Don’t know which ones were mentioned specifically) for example. As if they had anything to do with the situation in the eyes of the American people. Or should have had anything to do with it. He did that, I believe, to make some sort of point like for example “See?” “There is this other sick stuff he downloaded, so he is definitely guilty and dangerous.” “The sicko willfully and deliberately obtained those images and videos.” “Since he had all these other videos for sexual pleasure he surely had these ones for sexual pleasure too.” This is how Satan works. Trust me. The other stuff were irrelevant.

I didn’t even have much of an atttaction to minors, as the condition of mine wasn’t “discovered” or already within me but rather it had developed since around age 11 or 12 with the help(or influence) of the porn/adult entertainment industry and grew as I got older(saw nude images of women when I was about 9). It had all started with typing certain words in a file-sharing program at 11 or 12. I could see minors out in public and walk past them without staring and without giving them a second thought. I didn’t have any urges at all and most likely I could have gotten help had I been living in a whole different America. I myself could have ended up helping others, crimimals or not, but that’s not the way it goes in America.

The charges being cut down to 11 didn’t make much of a difference. Mostly because of changes lawmakers of that state had made to the laws, years before my arrest. Death was still upon me.

Indeed, Someone was looking out for me as He always had. I remember that my lawyer had spoken to a group of prosecutors and the only thing that came out of their filthy mouths in regards to me was “pris@@.” Nothing about regular treatment and/or therapy. Nothing about SO treatment and/or therapy. Nothing about house arrest with ankle monitor either. Nothing about SO prohibation and classes. Just that one thing that I wrote along with the argument that there was a high chance that I would commit such crimes again. Yet I couldn’t have been locked away in some house deep in a forest or some punishment like that. The prosecutor assigned to me and who wasn’t apart of the group(a whole group dedicated to work against those charged with sex crimes) had wanted the same thing and nothing else. He even talked about “additional charges.”

Altogether the situation had lasted 2 years and a couple of months. Without all that time spent in jail either. I swear it was by God Almighty, who knows each and every person.

I do hope that a lot of you that read this story will have learned a great deal from it. I would like to stop as many people as I could from getting caught up in the system for the sort of thing that I did. I would like to speak those who haven’t acted on their attraction to minors and those who have.

I never committed such crimes again and that case, or situation, haunts me to this day. When lawmakers, prosecutors, and citizens speak of “safety,” and the possibility of such men committing such crimes again they speak lies. Many men who wouldn’t, would never even get the chance. I hate what I had brought upon myself. The situation not only affected me but others as well. Anyone reading this, please stay out that system. God bless.

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