Violation Of Due Process, You’re Not Alone!

By Michael . . . First off I will say that I do not intend to lay blame on anyone or any circumstance. Second, My intention is not to seek help because I’ve been told from time to time that help is unavailable without a price that I cannot afford. All I just want is to get my story out to those who will listen because it’s always fallen on deaf ears. In November 2013 I was arrested and charged with online solicitation of a minor. Even though I accidentally sent a message to a young girl that was intended for someone else, I do take full responsibility and I was willing to plead guilty. I bonded out and had a so called respectable lawyer to help in the process. September 2014 I had County Sheriff’s at my door with a warrent for my arrest. I asked what I was being arrested for and the response was ” You know…

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Keep Trying

By Steven . . . I see so many stories here that are full of despair. People that have given up hope, or feel like their life can’t be worthwhile because of their status as a sex offender. “I cannot get a job because of my status as a registered sex offender, the registry is terrible and unconstitutional, the cops/sheriff/legislature is out to get me, etc. I get it. I really do. I am on the registry too, and no matter what your complaint about the registry, I most likely agree with it. It needs to end. But until it does, at some point you have to realize you are where you are. You can’t snap your fingers and change your situation. So how do you get on with life the best you can? Can you still have a good, fulfilling life, regardless of what happens with the registry? Of course you can. I don’t mean in any way to…

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Removed after filing a habeas corpus

After 13 years on the registry of a 25 year sentence to the SOR Michigan by Oakland county trial court, I filed a lawsuit last July and a habeas corpus to the trial court Dec 18th, 2023 and the head county attorney emailed saying I was removed. ( and I am !)No relief yet on getting all the bogus convictions and VOID JUDGMENT removed but I expect it if they honor Michigan laws and jury instructions instead of the fraud filed by the AG..Any sting Op w/o a victim is bogus.Any home raid w/o an in person crime is bogus.Commercial activity is required in most valid prosecutions — monetary gains required using an underage real victim.Speak against your charges if you were arrested and no victim or in person crime/s occurred.File a habeas corpus after understanding this.Study the laws and jury instructions.

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By Michael . . . At 16 years old and full of hormones introduce another developing teenager into a situation where there is no one to stop either from their emotions or attractions. Yes you can deny it but the developed physical characteristics of a female have and probably always will have the attention of any young man. If the female in question is not deterred by what is appropriate or not and personal boundaries aren’t thought about then there is serious danger for both but more so for the young man. I made that mistake. It could st me two different prison sentences and some severe emotional distress from the so called therapist. Break the word therapist down as it was a compound word and that’s a more accurate description. Unwanted probing and forced suggestions are the same as any other unwanted attention isn’t it? Bottom line is I was wrong and did my time. Then the registry after…

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Thrown under the Bus

By Sonya . . . Our story began in 2013 but has taken a turn for the worse in 2021. We are in California, and my fiancé was charged with an Indecent Exposure charge that did not involve children and was a non contact/ non violent/ serious offense. He was never publicly listed on Megan’s Law prior to the new Tiered Registry. His offense is still a Tier 1, which we thought he would now be able to petition to get off the registry. However, due to bad choices in the past (drug related), he was given a high risk score, which placed him in Tier 3. So, now, because of old offenses, he is now listed publicly for the first time ever. He has not re-offended since 2013 and had his Indecent Exposure expunged. We can easily get the old drug offenses expunged since they were misdemeanors, but that would be costly. Those offenses are well beyond 7 years…

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I was the victim now we both are paying

Me and my husband now 25 years met when we was younger my father knew of this my mother did not but I became pregnant in 1997 and my mother filed charges and then dropped them the state picked them up I was 13 few months from 14 he was 18 two months from turning 19 when we found out we was having a baby girl my mom then let us talk threw his prison sentence for two years . Soon as he was released he was asked by my mother to move into our home now this was the same woman that filed but then dropped his charges . Few months later my father signed papers I was 17 for us to marry. I got pregnant with our son at this time it’s 2000 We marry May 19th of 2001. We have been togather since all this and it has affected not only our life but our children life….

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Registration is meant to be a lifetime punishment

By T . . . The bottom line of my story –I was convicted (plead guilty) of Criminal Sexual Conduct of the 4th degree (attempted) back in 1998 in the state of Michigan. My registration was meant to be a 25 year registration from the start. I was later classed as tier 2, still 25 registration. The events in the story happened when I was 19 years old. The story behind my conviction.When I was 19 years of age I was discharged from the US Army Reserve due to not completing HS on time. I was enlisted as a split op trainee. This mean I went to Basic before I completed my senior year of HS. During this time I was extremely active on AOL. I was into flirting and everything else that went with being a teenager. One day I got message by a random girl who liked the fact that I was an army guy. I had listed…

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Gun Rights and Registration Vulnerabilities

By J . . The issue of constitutional gun rights is a complex and highly debated topic in society, often highlighting the importance of balancing personal freedoms with public safety. However, when it comes to registered sex offenders, the loss of constitutional gun rights can place them in potentially dangerous situations. This article aims to explore the unique challenges faced by registered sex offenders who are unable to exercise their Second Amendment rights due to a felony sexual crime and the public disclosure of their address, despite not having committed any firearm-related offenses. The Predicament of Registered Sex Offenders Registered sex offenders are individuals who have been convicted of sexual offenses and are required to register their personal information, including their address, with law enforcement authorities. The legislature stated purpose of this registration is to inform and protect the community from potential risks. While this system claims it serves a legitimate purpose, it can also inadvertently expose individuals to vigilantism,…

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Forgiving Yourself: The Path to Healing and Moving

By J . . . Leaving prison and starting a new chapter in life can be a complex and emotional journey. Among the many challenges you may face, learning to forgive yourself is a critical step towards healing and rebuilding your life. Self-forgiveness allows you to let go of past mistakes, cultivate self-compassion, and create space for personal growth and transformation. Here are some insights to help you navigate the process of forgiving yourself and embracing a brighter future. Acceptance and Compassion:Recognize that you are human and, like everyone else, prone to making mistakes. Acceptance is the first step towards self-forgiveness. Be kind to yourself and offer the same compassion and understanding you would extend to a dear friend in similar circumstances. Reflect and Learn:Take time to reflect on your past actions and the consequences they had. Understand the reasons behind your choices without judgment. Identify the lessons you’ve learned from those experiences and how they can shape your future…

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International travel AFTER the registry

By Maestro . . . I’d like to share a story about traveling outside the USA with a previous S.O. felony but no longer being on the registry… I recently traveled to Gambia (west Africa) with a stop over both ways in Istanbul, Türkiye.In order to leave the Istanbul airport to get to my hotel (12 hour layover), I had to obtain a visa, which I was able to do right at the airport. No questions asked. Cost $40 USD. Arrived at Banjul airport in Gambia, also obtained a visa there. The only question was; “What brings you to Gambia?”Answer: “An online friend who is going to be my tour guide” (this is true, btw. And soon she’ll also be my wife).The immigration officer then stamped my Gambian visa good for the next 5 yrs! Yes! Arriving back in the USA….I currently live in Georgia, so of course I came back into Atlanta international airport. Going through the customs area,…

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