I was the victim now we both are paying

Me and my husband now 25 years met when we was younger my father knew of this my mother did not but I became pregnant in 1997 and my mother filed charges and then dropped them the state picked them up I was 13 few months from 14 he was 18 two months from turning 19 when we found out we was having a baby girl my mom then let us talk threw his prison sentence for two years . Soon as he was released he was asked by my mother to move into our home now this was the same woman that filed but then dropped his charges . Few months later my father signed papers I was 17 for us to marry. I got pregnant with our son at this time it’s 2000 We marry May 19th of 2001. We have been togather since all this and it has affected not only our life but our children life. Sadly my mom and dad was the exact age difference when they meet and also my mom had my brother my mothers parents didn’t file no charges they just got married.. To this day the registration has affected mine and my husband’s life to where we can’t and can live to where he has to go report yearly people judge us over falling in love but if we didn’t meet we wouldn’t have our 3 beautiful children now and also two grandkids we try to live a normal life but this is throwed into our face repeatedly and when has it been so hard to move past he has served his time but now we both gotta keep living it for us falling in love at the wrong time in life. I pray and beg God to let this go away and let us be a normal family. Where people don’t look down on my husband who stood up took responsibility of his actions and also never ever moved on he keep fighting for us to be togather and I can say this is wrong why keep making our children and us keep paying if it wasn’t for us meetings we wouldn’t have our 20yr old son 21 yr old son and also our 24 yr old daughter nor our grand baby’s. Our children even fight for this to go away 25 yr is a life sentence so let it go away please lord ! I love my husband he has paid long enough let him be classified as a normal person so people don’t judge our past and don’t look at him as he raped me cause lord he didn’t I went to him every time and we fought now 25 years to just be normal when will that day come ?????????

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  1. I don’t think my letter I wrote to my court attorney in 2009 is good enough for the answers and comments this post you gave so amazingly well. I have written a billion words and letters I’m getting old and tired I’ve read post I left 5 years ago. Why oh why can we not get reform really because we don’t have what to do it ? I need to understand I want desperately to. Why are we still talking about advocating to get nothing done to change the wrong doing of our own people

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