Thrown under the Bus

By Sonya . . .

Our story began in 2013 but has taken a turn for the worse in 2021. We are in California, and my fiancé was charged with an Indecent Exposure charge that did not involve children and was a non contact/ non violent/ serious offense. He was never publicly listed on Megan’s Law prior to the new Tiered Registry. His offense is still a Tier 1, which we thought he would now be able to petition to get off the registry. However, due to bad choices in the past (drug related), he was given a high risk score, which placed him in Tier 3. So, now, because of old offenses, he is now listed publicly for the first time ever. He has not re-offended since 2013 and had his Indecent Exposure expunged. We can easily get the old drug offenses expunged since they were misdemeanors, but that would be costly. Those offenses are well beyond 7 years and would not even show up on a background check. But here we are. He went from never being public to all of a sudden being public without any warning. The new Tiered Registry put us in a worse position than before the new law took effect We are hoping to find an attorney who could help us fight this injustice., but money is tight, and some even hug up on me. Very frustrating!

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  1. It is a shame that today’s America is so full of hate. The lack of forgiveness when one has atoned for past mistakes and tried to return to being a good citizen is shameful and is in itself a crime. It’s a crime because it violates the Preamble to the Constitution’s assertion that we are given the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To deny one who has changed their life for the better is an affront to the Constitution and to our way of life. I pray that you find peace and happiness, and that some day soon we come to the realization that to deny freedom for one is to deny freedom for all.

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