Innocent Man Exonerated!

Original post date: 16.05.2008
A Tale of Eventual Justice, sent in by an RSOL participant from Oregon!

Without money, forget justice! Never take a plea bargain if you are innocent! They are NEVER bargains!

Wrongfully accused and indicted and ultimately had charges dropped.

A vindictive ex partner in business planted cd’s that contained CP on them in a loaner car I used for two days. I was indicted by a politically motivated prosecutor (who is now a judge) and my life ruined as a result. Being accused makes you guilty and being exonerated means you had a good attorney who “got you off”

I went from making 16,500 a month to 5,000 a month, I lost the life that I had spent a lifetime working towards. The financial stress it created caused me to lose my wife who had stood by me for the 3 1/2 years it took to finally get this case to trial. The charges were dropped by the new prosecutor who took the case after the first one had been elected judge. She said they had no evidence and no witnesses making getting a conviction extremely problematic. Before they dropped the charges but after they knew that I wasn’t guilty they tried to get me to plead to something …anything …no jail time no fine as long as whatever I plead to forced me to become a registered sex offender- society’s biggest pariah! (Thank goodness this person refused!)

This will be the hardest fight we will ever face. It is almost impossible to get a politician to appear to be soft on crime and especially soft on sex crimes …and especially ones involving minors.

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