By Michael . . .

At 16 years old and full of hormones introduce another developing teenager into a situation where there is no one to stop either from their emotions or attractions. Yes you can deny it but the developed physical characteristics of a female have and probably always will have the attention of any young man. If the female in question is not deterred by what is appropriate or not and personal boundaries aren’t thought about then there is serious danger for both but more so for the young man. I made that mistake. It could st me two different prison sentences and some severe emotional distress from the so called therapist. Break the word therapist down as it was a compound word and that’s a more accurate description. Unwanted probing and forced suggestions are the same as any other unwanted attention isn’t it? Bottom line is I was wrong and did my time. Then the registry after I was paroled. It was in Florida at the hight of the sex crime era. It didn’t seem to effect me so much then but as the years went by it went from someone seeing an 18 year old on the registry to a 25 year old man on the registry for touching and being touched by a female who could not give consent because of her age. The therapist forced me to say I raped her because of that… if I didn’t say it I was in non compliance with parole. Imagine having to publicly say that you raped someone… anyways, as the years go by and someone sees my face as a then 35 year old man who touched an underage child that’s what they see. Not the 16 year old boy man. Fast forward another 11 years and my face in the registry lists me as touching a child. It’s as if I had just reoffended or offended to that person. They don’t see the boy man anymore. So now they see a pedophile who they need to protect their families from and they burned my homes twice. Assaulted me and broke my ribs and ruined my career by constant harassment at work. That’s just a small small piece of it. The registry allows people to justifiably cause harm to another individual whether that’s the intent or not. It does. Lead paint wasn’t ever intended to hurt anyone but does. The facts are that the registry is inhumane and increases in discrimination every year a person is on it. I would gladly sign a contract stating that if I reoffend I will forfeit my life if I’m return they would remove me from the public shaming and fear monger if registry. It gets harder and harder every year to cope with for me and my family and the female in this story is very disturbed by what the registry has done to me. She feels it is all her fault and is very sorry for it all but I won’t fall into that. I am the responsible one and have been for a long time. Can someone who is able to help draft an Ammendment to the registry in the way I described above please contact me. I’d sign it in a heartbeat.

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