So many harsh conditions for a fine young man

Original post date: 19.07.2008

My son is now released during the week, but has to go to jail from Friday’s at 6:00 p.m. to Monday’s at 6:00 a.m. He was put on high risk because of not living with a girl for two years or longer and his age. He had just turned 23.  He was also charged with two counts, because of being honest and telling every where he touched her and every aspect of their encounter. He cannot be around any family members or anyone else’s children under the age of 18. He is having to sell his home, that he worked so hard for because it is too close to a school. He did not get any time taken off his sentence for the 100 days he spent in jail and I have never heard of that, but I was told that (our) county does not take time served off before trial date. Some of the young men are being held for six months in (this) County before they are even being charged. They have six months to charge them and these politicians are taking advantage of that! He has to do one year of weekends and he pays $574.00 in fines and fees not including any polygraph test or alcohol or drug test on him, which he must also pay for. He also has three to five meetings a week he is required to attend…..

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