Need Compassion

originally posted 9/12/2008

I was a fortunate one in the SO Treatment program. Although I probably would have “failed” the treatment had I stayed in one particular program, I “passed” in another town. I would not state, “I am a child molester.” It was a horrible act I committed in my past that I will never be able to forgive myself for, but it does NOT define who I am.

After five years of Group Therapy, I really believe there will be ‘no more victims’. I’m now in therapy dealing with PTSD caused by my being raped and molested as a child. It is so sad that ‘victims’ who have created more ‘victims’
are only branded and cast out to live the Hell of loneliness, abandonment, fear and mistrust they have been in all their lives. Not everyone, but some of us, have been screaming out all our lives to be heard, noticed, loved, cared for. Unfortunately, with the warped thinking (that goes along with current sex offender laws), we have not been able to ask for what we need till now. Hopefully, ‘now’ is not too late for us….

Society can do a LOT to stop the victimization by LISTENING, being COMPASSIONATE, and understanding. We’re not asking to babysit!

We’re asking that people realize when others hurt, with never having the opportunity to heal, they can hurt others. Stop the hurting and the hurting can stop.

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