Beware of Plea `Bargains!

originally posted 10/10/2008

I am a former (teacher) who was recently convicted of indecent liberties with a minor (17 years old, just months from turning 18). My wife and I took this young woman into our home during her senior year at the school where I taught after she was kicked out of her older sister`s home. My wife and I were unaware the reason she was kicked out was because she was having sex with her 38 year old brother in law. Unfortunately, I made a very poor choice. Thankfully we never had sex. I am now classified as a violent sex offender for having a consensual relationship (though not actual sex) with this girl. She didn’t even want charges brought but because I was a teacher, the state pressed the case. I received very biased media coverage (many lies) and was strong-armed into taking a plea deal of 6 months out of fear of getting 5 years from a jury trial. Before this, I knew nothing of the unfairness of the sex offender laws and the sex offender registry. I CAN NOT BELIEVE I HAVE TO REGISTER FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE FOR WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN US. If I had known about the lifetime registry, I might have taken my chances with a trial. I have many supportive friends and family in the area and my church, who because of my case are interested in seeing these unfair laws reformed.

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