originally posted 10/7/3008
This is from an inmate from a young man in the SW, whose crime was that he was found guilty of consensual sex with a 16 year old waitress he met as a truck driver on the road:

This is what has happened to me in prison since I turned myself in in 1995 because they were looking for me. I spent 18 months in jail because of the press and TV coverage. I was taken to court and given l6 years with 5 years probation. From 1995 until now I have been attacked four times that are on record. There was one other time. One time I was attacked by a sergeant and 2 officers. They left no marks on my body but I had 2 broken ribs. Medical reports said I fell against a wall. I was put in isolation for 2 years. In 1999 I finally made it to prison from jail and put into the population. When some of the inmates found out my charges, I was attacked the first time. I stayed inthe hospital for 3 days. I had broken ribs and all of my teeth knocked out. In 2002 i was in a sex offender unit. I got into 2 fights. In 2003 I was put into the hospital again.  I had been pushed down a flight of stairs that had 48 steel steps. I had to be put into a wheel chair. I was attacked again in 2005 and I was locked down because I could barely walk. Now I have to walk with a cane. I have had one heart attack in the prison. These are some of the things that have happened in prison. There are others I don’t want to talk about. I hope this can help someone.


  1. Im soooo sorry you have been hell my friend ,Ive had it pretty good compared to your experience ,I was only in prison for 8 months in Canada and came back home 5 years ago and made a level 3 for a level 1 offence in Canada by a rouge sheriff here , I dont know what to say other than Ill pray for you ,I know this sounds trite and empty from me but I believe my God knows your need for help and you feel like giving up ,I dont blame you ,but just call on his name (Jesus ) help me and he will hear you ,give him a chance if you havent already.God bless you my friend.

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