Young Sex Offenders Lose Sanity Because of Laws

originally posted 1/18/2009

As all of you are aware I have been fighting to save my son, PJ since he had gone into a severe depression last year. We thought he had snapped out of it last summer, but then bizarre behavior this fall after he was arrested near a school had us believing he was doing street drugs.

Since Christmas he has been in a sever psychotic state which only led us to believe that he was doing street dugs. Last Friday it was so severe we called 911 for help and when everyone arrived we were told that since he was not talking of harming himself or anyone else that there was nothing they could do. The paranoia, delusions, anger and constant rambling increased and on Tuesday we were once again forced to call 911. PJ is 5’4 and weighs 112 (a loss of 17 lbs in two months). It took 4 cops to hold him down.

Long story short; it’s not street drugs he is doing but has developed a mania and is now in a State hospital. We pray and hope that they can bring him out of this psychosis. He was in the ER for 24 hours until they could stabilize him somewhat. He had to be restrained. All of the professionals that we talked to says that this mania has developed from the sex offender status. His mind is not able to cope with it.

I guess I actually have some joy in this whole mess, if that’s what you want to call it. On Friday night when we called 911 we had 2 cops and 4 paramedics there. They were all shocked in how PJ was and the one cop said the iceburg of this what happened in 2003. He said PJ never should have been charged, he’s not an SO and that if he was on duty that night this never would have happened. Pisses me off at the same time as he and 80% of the dept didn’t stand up for him, but chose to stand up for their fellow officer.

But, the best elation came at the hospital Tuesday night. There were many cops from our town in and out of the ER to see PJ. One of the cops came up to me and asked me to tell him what happened five/six years ago. I asked him if he wanted the truth or did he want to believe what he’s heard. He said he wanted the truth. I told him the story and told him the cops told us then they didn’t want to come to the house in 2003 and arrest PJ because they didn’t want us embarrassed ; that was a lie they wanted him by himself because they knew he was ADHD and they’d have a confession. I told the cop that if he kills himself or his mind doesn’t come back that they and my niece are responsible for what happens. The cop asked me if we’ve gone to the state’s attorney with this and I told him what difference does it make, no one wanted to hear the truth then, why would they want to hear it now. Everyone involved that day got a notch in their belt.

Now, for my satisfaction……………………………………..the cop walked away after I blasted him and my husband said, “Baby, do you know who that was” and I said just another cop and he said “no, that was the second cop that arrested PJ that day”. YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, at least I got them to hear the REAL truth. I hope they are having sleepless nights for what they have done.

But have you heard of anyone else literally loosing their mind because of the stress of this label.

Please all say prayers that PJ’s mind might someday come back.

Thanks to my SO families!

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  1. comment originally posted 1/18/2009

    From Margie
    I haven’t heard of any instances of the mania that PJ is suffering (described by PJ’s mother). However, the emotional roller coaster is sometimes too much (for families and friends of sex offenders). There are times when even I feel like cracking but something tells me I must fight harder! What I don’t like is the parole agent tries to do something nice only to have the supervisor take it away. It’s what I call ‘dangling the carrot.’ Sometimes I think it’s too see how far they can push an S.O. to see how much pressure they can handle.

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