The Ultimate Price

originally posted 2/10/2009

My son had a breakdown in Feb. He spent two weeks in the state mental health hospital. He was released, prematurely and two days later he was worse than when this nightmare started. Once again 911 was called and he was taken back to the hospital. He has been diagnosed as bipolar; all involved that the stress of being an SO has brought this on.

It’s four weeks tomorrow since the first hospitalization and I can happily say that he is starting to respond to meds. I’m finding that our mental health system is just as bad as our SO laws.

The docs, social worker and case manager are starting to plan for his release next week. They want him to be moved to a residential center for three weeks to make sure he is on the right road. NOW I”M ANGRY……………………he can’t go because he is an SO and the facility is next to a school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These laws rob so much from SO’s; I’m talking the teenagers, consensual sex and the falsely accused. But my son has paid the ultimate price……………………….his sanity.

What the hell has happened to mankind????

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