A Corpse Without a Grave

originally posted 6/22/2009

The comforting of my grandchild (2 yrs old)after he fell out of bed, while I was in the bathroom, landed me a sex offender for life (sexual assault of a minor). I lost my house, my job, my family (wife was fired three times from jobs because she was still married to me for 23 years -all gone) my dignity. I simple hugged him to stop him from crying, and him being sexually assaulted by a peer during day care caused social services to blame me for actions I did not do. My grandson bumped into me while I was standing up. I pushed him away immediately and told him you
don’t do that. He turned and walked away. 11 years later, no work, no job, no means to feed myself, turned away from shelters and housing in Wisconsin. All from a simple incidental/accidental touch. I took the responsibility to protect my grandson from social services’ dirty filthy minds, and I’ll pay for that for the rest of my life – a corpse without a grave.

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