Once a Law Is Made, It Seems to Be Forever!

originally posted 8/27/2009

It seems no matter how hard we try to change some of these laws we will not be able to. �Once a law is made it is forever on the books and
rarely ever changed. �I was 19 years old and met a girl who was 14 years old at the mall. �well we ended up having sex and dated for just a
few weeks and than we stopped seeing each other ..Almost 2 years went by and I was called down town and asked about how I knew this
girl…..Long story short – her parents found an old letter that she wrote to one of her girl friends about me and her parents read it and went
down town to file a complaint. �This was 2 years later. � By that time, I have a fiance and she is 4 months pregnant with our baby! �I go to
court for the having sex with a girl who is under age and the judge gave me five years in prison, so I missed my first daughter being born
amongst other things. �It is many years later now — I am almost 40 years old am married and have a nine year old daughter and a 15 year old
daughter – yet I have to register for life and cannot go to any of my daughtersB4 school events. �My 9 year old daughter can not be in girl
scouts because she has a family member who is a registerd sex offender – this is per the girl scouts rules. �but no matter what when my kids
graduate from high school I will be there, regardless of the rules or laws! � They just keep adding onto my sentence which I completed a long
time ago. Best of luck to everyone!!!!

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