originally posted 10/11/2009

My son was not yet convicted of any crime, but this violation removed his “withhold of adjudication” and he now was a convicted felon. Unable
to get even the most menial job because of this and all the other monumental injustice heaped on his young shoulders, he turned to
prescription drugs as a way to cope. �I did not know until the end he was doing this. He had no health insurance and no money. He found a
local “feelgood” doctor” who we are now also pursuing for malpractice. �My son was given methadone for simple pain!! �Methadone is unlike
all other narcotics in that it accumulates in the body for up to 72 hours while the pain relief or “buzz” lasts only 8 hours. �Even taking the drug
as prescribed can kill you. I should know, in that I’m a clinical pharmacist with 25 years experience. We don’t have the toxicology report back
�yet, but it’s pretty certain what it will show.(if you want a scare about methadone see the website

My son was never an rso, but the prosecutor made sure he appeared that way by giving him many of the sex offender conditons. �She
effectively ruined his life anyway. I recently talked to her boss and reminded him of how i had begged for my son’s life last March. He said
“sorry for your son’s poor choices”!!! �THey left him no choices but bad ones. �I don’t blame him, I just miss my boy and sometimes want to die

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