A Voice Burned by the Law

originally posted 2/2/2010

I am a voice who wishes to speak out about the unfair side of the law, from the insider’s prospective. I am one that was burned by the law; I lost my whole life, my job, and I can live hardly anywhere because of schools, churches, parks, and day-cares,  and I am the last person that would ever hurt a child.

Thank you for making the petition I have been trying to figure out how to make, and thank you for fighting this. It isn’t fair to the people that aren’t hard core predators to be forced to live like we are. Most people on the registry are on there for having a girlfriend that was ‘too young’ when they were still too young themselves. And they get punished for life for that one moment. If that isn’t unjust, I don’t know what is. Again thank you, and may we see a change.

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