Living in Fear

originally posted 2/16/2010

Currently sex offender laws damage the lives of children and families of nonviolent offenders.   They take away basic civil liberties like safety, the ability to make a living, and the right to private lives.   No one should be punished after they have completed their sentence or probation.   Additionally, this law means that all groups of offenders are classified the same way and this is simply bad policy.   Our family lives in fear everyday that someone will commit acts of violence against us because our address is listed publicly.  The whole process has been horrific for our daughter, my husband, and myself.

1 thought on “Living in Fear

  1. The state puts us in peril by taking away our right to own a firearm to protect ourselves and then puts our crimes and home address on the internet for the public to see. I have often been contacted by strangers pertaining to my s.o listing. I have two small children at home and I worry about their saftey while I am away for work.

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