Punished for Life for Acts at Age ll

originally posted 2/25/2010

I am a Clinical Psychologist who recently had a client convicted of CSC and will now be on the registry for the rest of his life for incidents that occurred when he was 11 years old.  I don”t understand why a person under the age of 13 at the time of the incident can have the same legal consequences as an adult convicted of the same.   The glitch in the law is that there was over a 3 year age difference between the 2 children.   An 11 yr old could never know the future legal consequences of curious behavior.   He is now 16 and is being treated as if the incident just occurred.   I think a jury should at least be advised that the registry is inevitable with a guilty conviction. I think there needs to be a change related to minors with regard to the registry.

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    I am in a similar situation my son was 12 when he offended and is on the registry for life after he failed to register at age 24! I am wondering is there any research on how to fight and possibly overturn this requirement? He also saw a psychologist who said the same thing that he didn’t understand why a child was forced to register.

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