It Never Ends! Scarlet Letter Everywhere We Go!

originally posted 9/14/2010

Again I find myself in litigation.   Getting visits from Child Protective Services and my ex trying to get juvenile records unsealed.   The truth is that it never ends.   If you associate with someone on a registry, you will find that you will be facing a constant struggle to live your life with peace.   Peace is so hard to come by, especially when you are posted on a computer age arena with your face plastered for everyone to see.   We are here to serve one purpose, to make everyone that has been lucky enough to not be on such a web site to feel better about themselves.   Some how I must be a bad parent because I have associated with a labeled “sex offender”.

The truth is that he was a rape victim.   And the tables had turned with a minor telling her story………….a total story of events that nobody can come back from.   It should never be.   But here I am fighting the fight that I may not recover from.   I will go on.   But will my family survive?  Will I escape this madness ever?

My boyfriend has suffered enough,  I have suffered enough and my kids need their Dad in their lives more fully without having to be afraid that a teacher or a social worker is going to recognize him or get the 411 that “oh my God!  We are dealing with a child molester!”.   What good is our justice system if all we are doing is passing laws so that it is impossible to “live”.  My boyfriend just wants to die.  He is always telling me “What is the point to being in a society that does not want me around, I cant work, I cant find a place to live, I cant do anything without someone always checking on me and causing trouble for anyone that I even associate with”.

What is the point to a Judge saying “okay I sentence you…”. when it really means nothing.   Really he should say just crawl in a dark hole because you wont be able to live anywhere anyways even after you complete all the treatments and fines and time in jail or prison because society really wants you to commit suicide or have someone knock on your door and kill you for a crime that you may or may not have committed.”   So why don’t they just be for real about it.   Don’t play with us just say it and stamp it down on all that legal paper.   What ever happened to the part where you are supposed to be rehabilitated?  reformed?  mainstreamed into society?  We are given no hope ………we have a scarlet letter not just on our doors but on our faces and everywhere that we go.

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