I Live in a Sex Offender Refugee Camp

originally posted 10/1/2010

I live in, for lack of better terminology, a sex offender refugee camp in Florida.   Unfortunately, I see little hope in the changing of sex offender laws in the US.   Politicians and law enforcement know the laws don’t work, but going against them doesn’t help with votes or popularity.   The fact that the large majority of sex offenders are first time offenders, or at least first time being charged with a sex offense, negates any benefit of current sex offender legislation.   Education is the only true form of prevention in any society, however, society must first put down their pitchforks and propaganda, and seek out truth over popularity.   I am grateful for your group and the uphill struggle that is before you.    At least it is a ray of hope in my dismal existence since becoming a sex offender at 19.

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