Will Activism Soothe My Fury?

originally posted 10/24/2010

I am struggling with my complete inability to help my son, who pled guilty to Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child Under 12 and Dangerous Crimes Against a Child last January.   He is serving 16.5 years in a stinking, sweat-house prison.   No parole, no time off for good behavior and lifetime SO registry.   My state doesn’t even pretend to offer rehab of any kind to any inmate.   He is getting 2 meals a day, one a sack meal.

I am the child of a lifelong child molester.   I educated my kids thoroughly about my dad & his predilections ~ and yet this happened. I have no one to talk to.   My mother retreats into martyrdom and stoic silence.   Everyone else just says we have to wait and let my son’s sentence run its course, then we’ll help.   But I’m 55.   I may not live to see him free.   Every sense in me says I must fight for my son, yet I am impotent.

Do you have any insight?   Will activism soothe my fury?

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