All I Can Hope For Is to Die Young!

originally posted 11/29/2010

I am 30 when I was 16 I was with a friend driving around. My friend and I met these 2 girls at a park after we played basketball there. They said they where 14 and 15. My friend and I where 16. They said they would be babysitting and wanted us to come over to the house latter and mess around. So my friend and I went to the house. Where it was decided by the girls that they wanted to have sex. So my friend and I had sex with the girls in a back bedroom. Then we left and I ended up moving and so I never saw the girls again. Then 5 years latter I had a investigator show up at my house about raping a girl. I then found out that the girl I had sex with was 13. And just a couple months past the legal age gap of 3 years. Since I was 21 when the charges came up I ended up signing a plea for sex abuse 2. They said I would get no jail time and 3 years probation. when I signed that I had no idea what the sex offender requirements where.

Now my life sucks and I don’t want to have relationships or anything. It’s very sad what they did to me. All I can hope for is to die young.

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