No Justice Whatsoever!

originally posted 11/28/2010

My fiancee (33 at the time), had consensual sex (no force,weapon, etc), with a girl he thought was at least 18 (she was 2 weeks shy of her 18th bday).She was screwing around on her boyfriend with many guys, was pregnant by him,and didn’t want to get into trouble, so she used the “rape card” and my fiancee was the one she used. �Hung jury the first time (not enough evidence, etc); judge was biased and called a 2nd trial; my fiancee did 2 years in prison; did his probation/parole; is OFF paper now; still has to register til 2022: hard time getting jobs, etc., and now he has to move out of my home because we were told that my house is 191 feet shy of the 1000 feet from a school. They told him that since he doesn’t have income, transportation, etc., he could always go the local homeless shelter….REALLY???? Then what happens when his 90-day stay is up???? No justice whatsoever!! This is crazy…

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