How I Am Affected

originally posted 9/29/2011

I am a registered sex offender in Ga. I&#39;ve been registered for over a year. I do not know how it is in other states, but in Houston County, Ga all sex offenders must abide by a 7pm to 7am curfew. If the police come by and you aren&#39;t home, you are locked up, violation of probation and can serve the rest of your sentence behind bars. Also, I am 23 and my girlfriend is aware of my past yet I am legally not allowed to have a girlfriend unless the group therapy approves.</p>

The group therapy is $160 a month, every Monday. If you miss with out a good excuse you get locked up. The class is basically a sociology class and has no way of checking the offenders if they retain or learn anything making it a waste of time. Also, the offender is responsible for paying for a polygraph every 3 months which totals $225. Which adds to about $225 a month one must spend or save in order to remain free. Not including gas to therapy which is required and 24 miles away. Not well written, but those are my thoughts that are bouncing around. Feel free to reach me.

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