So Wrong

originally posted 9/24/11

My story isn&#39;t even really mine. It&#39;s my fiancee&#39;s. We are in the most ridiculous circumstance I could ever have imagined. In June of this year, he was just starting out in his own business, and I was getting ahead in my job and we were starting to plan our wedding.. things were going well. I knew he had spent some time in jail for statutory rape (he 18, her 16) and he had 13 years of probation in Wisconsin.</p>


When he was released from probation he moved to Texas and that&#39;s where we met. He was told by his probation officer that he was DONE with all of it, registering, probation, etc. Apparently not. In June of this year I was house sitting for my Mom and I get a call from the US Marshalls saying they were tracking a fugitive and one of my Mom&#39;s dogs had gotten loose and they had to shoot it. Of course I rushed home! They did not shoot the dog, they just wanted to find him! They told all of my Mom&#39;s neighbors they were looking for him for molesting a 9 year old girl. TOTALLY FALSE! All this because he had not registered in the state of Texas or Wisconsin (WI put out the warrant, which is still in place).</p>


He has been locked up in a Federal Detention Center without decent medical care (he has gotten a staph infection and terrible athlete&#39;s foot) since then. It is now the end of September and he now has to wait until November for sentencing and may (depending on the judges&#39; discretion) get up to a year in prison. For what? He is not violent and has not had any other charges. Now our whole life is on hold and I am left with the entire burden of supporting our household and getting him money for food as they don&#39;t feed you well in these places and more money so we can talk to each other once a week between visits through glass. What an excellent source of revenue sex offenders are turning out to be.

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