Autism Spectrum Sex Offender

originally posted 5/2012


My loved one is not there yet; awaiting the sentencing level on a later date.  Presently, the Aspergers loved one is serving out his time.  They did not rape or murder anybody but very difficult to find work and housing for them.  Some people have shunned away, even Adult Protective who neglected to help knowing he has a form of Autism.  I don’t feel it is right to deprive those with a mental health or developmental disability and be put on the registry because they can’t help they are disabled.  Announcing them to the world is risky and the laws should not be quick to use the registry for every single person; even if they are not violent people but unfortunately, the legal system can use your disability against you and sometimes, the disability  catches up to them by getting into trouble.  Instead, these individuals with disabilities need more supportive services, case management support, any helpful accommodations to try and prevent future run ins with the law.  They need help for suitable housing, work education etc and be given a chance to reappraise their life regardless if the offender has a disability or not and can prove they are being reformed.  It is my opinion, that we are living in a unforgiving, ignorant, evil minded society and assume that each SO case makes them all the same!! Public bashing and depriving the offender’s even from safe housing for them is not the answer! We need to avoid possible recidivism even if they don’t get in trouble again for a SO related crime.  We need a new bill to pass to ensure more housing for them that will be satisfactory, especially, if the offender has a proven disability and stop this endless just throw everyone on the SO registry too.  What about negative media publicity especially broadcasting those on the spectrum or having a mental health disease, to me, that sets them up for potential public problems.  What about, getting a law passed to ban minors under 18 using myspace facebook too??

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