Lifetime Mistake

originally posted 6/12


Hello everyone. My name is Cory and I’m writing this story so everyone knows the truth on how I got here and became a registered sex offender. Keep in mind I am not denying what i did and God say’s everyone makes mistakes, if not then your not human. It all began in September 2006. A buddy of mine wanted me to go to a strip club after the ball game and I decided to not go and go home instead. The next day my buddy was telling me how he met a girl at the strip club and how the 2 of them were into one another. Being the big joker i was at that time I decided to make up an email account sending my buddy sexual emails pretending to be her. Well the joke was on him and after about 2 weeks I finally told him the truth and he said he would get me back. Then it all began 2 weeks later, I was on my home computer checking college football scores and I received a pop up message on my yahoo messenger saying “”Do you wanna play”” I proceeded to go along with it (Thinking the jokes on me now) and the chat got sexual and i even copy and paste a nude pic off a website and sent that as well. I asked how old are you and where you from, she said she was 12 (But the profile said 100) and she said she’s from Long Beach, Ca (which is where my buddy is from) at this point I really think it’s my buddy and his girlfriend getting me back so i went along with it and the sexual talk continued. Later that day I asked for directions and went to the house (my mind was telling me this is a set up but at the same time i thought my buddy was trying to get me back) When i got to the house s female answered the door and said come on in, I did not recognize the girl and that’s when i realized it wasn’t a joke on me (Too late now) I sat outside and she said did you bring condoms and I said no i did not bring condoms because this is wrong and she said just picture me naked and come on in. I said no this is wrong as i walked back to my car and she said this is fucked up that the least i could do is come in for some punch she just made. I felt really bad and guilty so i went in and started drinking my punch and Chris Hannsen from Dateline NBC walked out and i was arrested 10 mins later. Never touched the girl. I was charged with attempted lewd act on a minor, never received a plea deal. My attorney said i have enough evidence to take it to trial and prove that i had no intentions but he also warned me that this is such a big deal in the public eyes that the jury will have me guilty before trial, so i plead no contest and received 1 year therapy, 6 months caltran and lifetime sex offender. In the meantime Dateline NBC continues to play the show only on the things said that will give them high ratings (nothing else), my wife and I have lost friends, my sons get called names and every year I register at the Norwalk, Ca Sherrifs station they are rude and humiliate me. Please think before you do and don’t let this same mistake happen to you because it will be a lifetime of misery.
Cory Edgar

4 thoughts on “Lifetime Mistake

  1. Wow, you’ve had all these years to self reflect and have a self awareness. The Episode, and the case were cut and dry, you were clearly trying to have sex with a 12-year-old girl. A clinically dead chimpanzee buried 6 feet underground would realize that just by watching the episode.
    People would feel more sorry for you if you actually took accountability for your actions, had some reflection and were less self-serving. Someone admitting to their insidious acts, making changes , and realizing they were wrong and helping others by making them aware that this is not OK, would elude more empathy from people.

    I pity your dumbass wife and poor son for having to deal with a perverse self-righteous narcissist like yourself.

  2. You think you can fool the typical reader like you thought you could fool a child for sex, and then fool Chris Hansen, then the law enforcement? Guess what: Here you are still making up excuses. Clearly you’re a pathological liar and you show little empathy for anyone.

    “Why can’t people be honest?”
    At this point, I’d usually say go look in the mirror, but you’ve demonstrated you refuse to change, so instead I just hope that people keep watching you try to rape a child and then lie about it. Your neighbourhood should be looking out for you.

  3. Don’t have a sexual chat with someone who says they’re underage. It’s that simple. Doesn’t matter what the profile says. Why take the risk even if you think it’s a prank or a setup?

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