The Love of My Life in a Life Long Torture System

originally posted 2/10/2012

“<br />
My soon to be husband is labeled as a sex offender for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with a minor who lied to save her self. We have recently moved to a new house and just started getting our lives together when we heard a loud knock on the door at 7am; it was the cops stating that he didn&rsquo;t register, when In reality he did and the new address is posted online and he even had his letter of intent but the officer said that doesn&rsquo;t matter he doesn&rsquo;t have his plastic ID. So all I could do was sit back and watch as the put him in hand cuffs and took him to jail.<br />
Then once he was released from jail to go and get his plastic ID he was arrested again for the same thing no ID. So he goes before the judge and the judge even states that he was arrested 5 hours early and that he is to be released.<br />
With all of this happening he lost he job that he had just got and we lost our new house because we couldn&rsquo;t afforded it with him not having a job. For some one who is not violent or a murderer or a rapist its so hard for him to have a life. In Tampa fl we cant even find a place that will allow him to be on the lease with me. Once they see his background that states sex offender they reject us; there aren&rsquo;t even any homeless shelters that will accept him so what is he to do? He cant get a job, he cant find a home, and shelters wont even welcome him in.. He can&rsquo;t even have a YMCA member ship. Something needs to change I wonder sometimes why does the love of my life have to suffer for a lie of a young immature girl. !!!! I AM A FIGHTER AND I LOVE MY HUSBAND AND I WILL FIGHT FOR HIS RIGHTS!!!</p>


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