Are we the new lepers of history ?


My name is David, and I was given a Deferred with Probation, no jail time at all, for attempted sex assault of a child (my daughter) in 2000 from back in 1988.I don’t think I have to go into what my life has been since.  I have gone from a Tier One to a Tier Three as lawmakers try to get reelected. They make  feel good laws so you as a society can feel safe but are doing nothing but destroying  thousands of family.  And as the cities and states make laws that take our jobs away, and we are made to live under bridges and in the woods. Are we the New LEPERS IN HISTORY ? and all the lawmakers can say about that is, O, WELL. We have done are JOBS. You feel better right ? As you feel better the Homeland Security has taken my HAZMAT license from me, and I quote, “Based upon TSA, They have Determined that you Pose a Security Threat to the People of the USA. As a Result of this you MAY NOT HOLD A HAZARDOUS MATERIALS ENDORSEMENT.” Do you feel safer now ?  But in spite of all this, I hold my head up high, for I am a citizen of the USA, the proud and the humane.



8 thoughts on “Are we the new lepers of history ?

  1. Um… This might sound totally dumb but what is ACLU… If anyone could tell me what that is i would greatly appreciate it… did a lot of research on Senator David Vitter and his lovely little farm bill… he is such a hyporcrite if i ever saw one…

  2. Hello my name is Reginald I am on the registry and I never have been in ant trouble and this registry is affecting my life so bad.I can not find work and it is forcing me to do what I have to do just to survive I was convicted in 1992 and my understanding is that I was convicted before the law came out but i guess it does not matter I havw been on the street to staying where I can stay and even sleeping in cold weather people judge you based on that label and really do not know the circumstances surrounding your case something has to change you can not find a job, or a place to stay,friends have alienated me out their Lives and some family members also its like a Death sentence being handed down only you are living and Suffering through the rejections and fear.Its seemed it is Unconstitutional to force a person to live the way they live.How can you survive with no Money no Place to live its seemed that your life is over.Something has to change with this law.

    1. We are the new JEWS and the USA is the new NAZI’s. Compare what Hitler did to the jews and then compare it to the progression of sex offenders as outcasts. It will scare the crap out of you. Look at Colorado’s attitude towards sex offenders by containment and social observation.

  3. And you’d think someone out there in the government would do something and take a second look and say this is bullshit. These laws really don’t do anything except hurt people; they are made to hurt people. Protect society? Nope; their intention is to take everything from us and keep on punishing even though they say it’s not continued punishment. Right. I wonder what would happen if every rso in the world had no job, no home, no family. They would have nothing to lose, and that’s not a good thing when people have nothing to lose. It has been 5 months now that the new law was enacted in PA and I don’t think anyone is going to help this situation we are all in. I looked on the ACLU web site, and all I see are plans for tackling other problems like prisoners’ right but nothing about RSO’s. It is what it is I guess.

      1. Brian,

        From what I understand the RSOL and the ACLU are going to fight this but it’s going to take time to write their briefs and proof read them and make sure they are up to par to submit.

        I can understand your impatience as I am that way myself, but I have learned to slow down as it does no good to rush things.

        If they rush things and submit stuff and it gets thrown out without being heard or for not being properly done it gives the other team a chance to draw up arguments.

        So, be patient my friend and have faith that we will win, and that RSOL and the ACLU hasn’t lost us.

        I would suggest donating to RSOL legal fund and also joining the ACLU and use the other button and just give as much as you can. I gave them $20.00 instead of the $35.00 they ask for and I am a member now for a year….weeeee LOL.

        Keep the faith and my opinion is if you are a member they will listen to you more. 🙂

      2. Matthew I have been a member for a couple of months now. I donated 50.00 when I joined and am going to donate again. I am fortunate to still have a job. My boss knows and the owner of the business knows about my registration. Been working there for years. I would much rather the ACLU takes their time and prepares everything properly like you said. It’s funny; I have been working out so much because of the stress. I looked at myself in the mirror, and you would think I was on roids. It’s a good thing though because I’m healthy plus there is an intimidation factor there for people that feel compelled to mess with me. That’s the last thing I want to do though is to fight someone or cause violence, but I will protect my family home and child at all costs.

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