A true to life ghost

Hello. This may be a mirror of your own story(maybe not). How many of you(of us), are True To Life Ghosts? What is a “True To Life Ghost?” Here’s My story! In nineteen hundred and eighty-one(1981), I was an eighteen year old kid whom had, just a year or so prior, begun getting in trouble with the law for minor things like, stealing food from stores,  and joyriding in a stolen car. I guess this should have been my wake-up call, but my head was just a bit harder(i needed something more to wake me up). And it soon came! Accused of Rape. No, Not I! Never!! Take a Plea I did! There was nothing else I could do(even though the doctors report stated that there was NO SIGN OF PENETRATION)! Two and a half years later, I was released from prison(from a four year sentence). Register For Life(is what they tell me). I DISCHARGED that prison number(gave it back one year later). Now I’m off parole! Almost ten years later(mixed with 5years of drug addiction), I reoffend. Not for Rape, but theft. Fast forward to 2009! I’m sitting in the courtroom on sentencing day for the charges of; Commercial Burglary(entering a dwelling with the Intent To Defraud), and Fraudulent Use Of a Credit Card..25 Years To Life..3 Strikes You’re Out Law. I am now in the year 2017. New laws have been passed to reduce California’s overcrowded prison system. Just recently Proposition 57. A law designed for (get this)..NON- VIOLENT OFFENDERS! Hey, that’s me! I can finally go home. Be with my children. My grandchildren. SEX REGISTRANTS EXCLUDED! WHAT(exasperated)! You mean to tell me that BECAUSE I HAVE TO REGISTER FOR A CRIME COMMITTED 35 YEARS AGO(1981), I CANNOT GO HOME IN 2017-18, and I HAVE NEVER COMMITTED OR RE-OFFENDED FOR ANY OTHER CHARGE OF RAPE? How can this be? So I’m basically a prisoner to a crime that I have served time for. A crime that, according to probation reports, and crime statistics,  I AM. NOT LIKELY TO EVER COMMIT AGAIN, I am EXCLUDED, from being eligible to be released today! WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THAT? So I’m just floating around on the system, floating around in prison, as a True To Life Ghost, with No Hope Of Ever Obtaining Freedom, All Because I Have To Register! Thank You For Listening To My Tales Of Registry!…Vincent O’B


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