When running into a juror who wrongly convicted me.

By: Timothy Lawver

I thought I’d post this story from my town.

I ran into this cop on many occasions, but one in particular I’d like to share.
Immediately after I was released I set about contacting groups about my wrongful conviction. I contacted several lawyers, called and wrote the innocence project, and hit the public library. I enter our public library and at the information desk I made eye contact with a man who had looking down messing with books. When he looked up we both recognized one another immediately. He had been a member of the jury who convicted me wrongly. Both stunned almost not wanting to engage at all. It was incredibly awkward. I gathered myself and asked him where the law books were? He got a funny look that turned into disgust and said nothing but pointed toward the section I was looking for. I dug around looking for case law for about an hour, I had not found much do I returned to the main area to hit up the computer index. When I went around the stacks I came across the cop from the story above. He and his partner were glaring at me hard, just like cops do perps. They both were seated at a small round table near the magazine’s reading area. I stood there tossing dirty looks their way. I asked him what’s up? What you doing here man he asked? What does it look like? I said. He grumbled under his breath toward his partner, a white cop. I turned to hear to the computer near the information desk. The jury guy was standing arms crossed now glaring at me incredulously. He figured I’d no business being in the library, I could see it in his face he had called the cops, because I was there. He knew I knew he’d called them. I asked him what do you think them clowns are going to do? tipping my head toward the sitting cops who were leafing through mags. What a waste I thought. I asked the information guy You know you locked up the wrong man right? He made a funny noise in his disgust and headed somewhere in the back. Anyway he called this black cop from the back and they started talking. I could see the cop was telling him he couldn’t do nothing. Infoguy was flustered and beside himself redfaced.
I’m wondering now if he’s seen this cop’s story in today’s paper? I wonder what he thinks now.
Hey let’s not pretend our modern LEO needs a SO tag to pop a cap into a mofo. Officer involved shootings are at an all time high. Every darn day there’s another OIS. So now I see another story talking about the numbers of unsolved murders that are piling up. It’s a real trend in America today. You think they realize how dumb SOR is? Maybe the unsolved murders could be dealt with it they spent less time tracking registrants. But then again dead folks don’t complain about being afriad!

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