Traveling on Cruise as a RSO

By Jon…

I have been traveling on cruises for 10 years as RSO. I never had any issues until my latest cruise. I live in a state where I am not on the rso website. I usually do close loop cruises so I can use my birth certificate to get on the ship. Close loop cruise is cruise leaving and returning t a US port. On a close loop cruise US citizen do not need a passport.

This cruise i could not find my Birth certificate so I had to use passport. I do have the new passport with the stamp in back. To board the ship I used an expired passport that was 2 years old. I boarded in San Juan so do not go through customs when boarding. I presented my expired passport to the cruise line. A supervisor was called over and asked if a new one was being sent to me. I said yes they allowed me to board.

When we got to the island of St Kitts, I was called to a room to meet with St Kitts immigration. They said my passport did not match the number. I said I have it at home but did not find it to bring. They then asked bout my background. I answered honestly since they obviously have the information already. I was allowed to go ashore with no issues.

In Barbados the same thing happened. Except this time Barbados immigration asked if I was an RSO and told me I was not allowed to leave the ship. I had no issues at of St Martin and St Lucia .

When I got back to San Juan I was pulled aside by the cruise line and taken to customs. This time I gave them the current passport. My bags were searched and that was it. That took 5 minutes.

I don’t know if immigration alerts the Cruise line to RSO they find or not. I have to see I get rejected when i try to cruise next time. I did read before hand that Barbados would not let RSO leave the ship so i was not surprised and it did not ruin my vacation

So stay away from Barbados they will not let you in.

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  1. As of earlier December 2019, I received a letter from the State of Michigan stating that I completed my RSO terms. I checked Michigan, FBI and National RSO list and my name have been remove. Five years prior, I had my CSC 4th degree expunge and have no record…..Do you foresee any problem I might have traveling to see my wife in the Philippines, now that I am clear of all record?

    1. I do not think you will have any problems. Some countries do not allow any person with a felony to enter, but you had your record expunged, so nothing should show up.
      What I do know for sure is that if you are no longer on the registry, there is no requirement to notify law enforcement 21 days in advance and there should be no Angel Watch alert given to the Philippines and you should have a normal passport with no sex offender marking on it. If any of these turn out to not be the case, I would like to know.
      How did you finish your registry period in Michigan? Did you complete the 25 years or were you released from the requirement early due to your record being expunged?

      1. Yes I walked down 25 years with no jail time, after a very wild party 25 years ago. Even having my record expunged 5 years prior, they wouldn’t released me off the registry list!

      2. That is what I thought. I am happy you are off it and you should be as free as any non-registrant now.

  2. Dear Jon. I’m leaving in 3 weeks on a close loop from LA to Cabo, Endenada and back. I’m not worried about the passport thing. I’m just nervous to get off the ship because I don’t want to be embarrassed and returned to the ship in front of people or embarrass my boyfriend. Would you or anyone else reading have any current, first hand knowledge?

    1. Hi Fred, I just wanted to give you a update on my trip on Feb. 2, 2020. Well I had a wonderful
      flight to the Philippines and when I got to the last gate to enter, once again I was met by the
      security cop bc even those I were not on any Register Sex List in the United State, the
      Philippines still had me on there Blacklist. I were told the only way I could be remove off their list is to write the DOJ with proof and asked to be remove!…I was inform once you are on there list, you would have to be remove only by DOJ. What started off to be a excitement trip, end up being a very disappointment trip. Plus they wouldn’t let my wife and son enter the security room (where I were being help) to see me! So don’t go to the Philippines unless you are off both lists.

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