Traveling on Cruise as a RSO

By Jon…

I have been traveling on cruises for 10 years as RSO. I never had any issues until my latest cruise. I live in a state where I am not on the rso website. I usually do close loop cruises so I can use my birth certificate to get on the ship. Close loop cruise is cruise leaving and returning t a US port. On a close loop cruise US citizen do not need a passport.

This cruise i could not find my Birth certificate so I had to use passport. I do have the new passport with the stamp in back. To board the ship I used an expired passport that was 2 years old. I boarded in San Juan so do not go through customs when boarding. I presented my expired passport to the cruise line. A supervisor was called over and asked if a new one was being sent to me. I said yes they allowed me to board.

When we got to the island of St Kitts, I was called to a room to meet with St Kitts immigration. They said my passport did not match the number. I said I have it at home but did not find it to bring. They then asked bout my background. I answered honestly since they obviously have the information already. I was allowed to go ashore with no issues.

In Barbados the same thing happened. Except this time Barbados immigration asked if I was an RSO and told me I was not allowed to leave the ship. I had no issues at of St Martin and St Lucia .

When I got back to San Juan I was pulled aside by the cruise line and taken to customs. This time I gave them the current passport. My bags were searched and that was it. That took 5 minutes.

I don’t know if immigration alerts the Cruise line to RSO they find or not. I have to see I get rejected when i try to cruise next time. I did read before hand that Barbados would not let RSO leave the ship so i was not surprised and it did not ruin my vacation

So stay away from Barbados they will not let you in.

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