Punished for a Hospital Stay

By Rebecca…

My son is on the sex offender’s registry. He has always reported and paid on time. He committed his crime 15 years ago and was adjudicated as a minor for that offense. He has not committed any crimes since.

Last December, he was diagnosed with a severe diabetic complication that required multiple foot surgeries. He was in the hospital longer than expected due to infection. While he was in the hospital, the nurse accidentally broke his phone. We haven’t been able to afford another phone, so he went without.

Two weeks ago, he was scheduled to report for the registry. Even though it was physically difficult , he appeared for them. They asked about his phone. He told them it was broken, so they asked for another contact number. My son gave them my number, even though he does not use my phone.

The police called me this morning to inform me that my son has a felony warrant for his arrest because of the contact number (from my phone) that he provided. They also indicated that my son did not report an address change for being in the hospital. The police officer threatened to come out and arrest him at my house. I let him know my son was not here. They recently placed him temporarily in a nursing home for physical rehab. The officer then informed me that was another violation.

I had no idea that we had to report hospital stays. If my son goes to jail, it will kill him. He is immobilized, in a wheel chair, requires daily wound redresses, a walker to use the toilet, and four shots of insulin per day, along with other medications.

This feels so wrong, especially since my son has tried so hard to comply.

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  1. I appreciate NARSOL, for their effort, to abolish this law, because, it”s wrong: I been on it since 2010, and my offense accured in 1983, because, it been enhance. This law has scared me, and indivial like my self. But, I”m giving up, I continue on, but, like to THANK, NARSOL for your support. I thank of you, I’m glad somebody, got decent, people around, to help, besides, this just, put (him away). This Trump with get away with muder, But, he can get away with it, he dose what want too. Anyways, appreciate, you people, very much, keep in touch, Thanks, again.

    1. Harry,
      What does Trump have to do with the SOR? Keep political views out of these discussions. Trump has only been president for 4 years. The SOR has been around since 1995.

  2. JACOB

    Speaking of Florida, I found an interesting article online, where Florida law enforcement have been entrapping men who were clearly not interested in having sexual relations with minors. Law enforcement lured men in with profiles where they pretended to be adult women at 1st, then told the men that they were the age of a minor after starting a conversation with them.

    They persistently baited the men who showed no interest in having sexual relations with a minor, and even sent them unsolicited fake, flirty or sexual photos to them, and tried to mainpulate the conversations into sexual ones.

    In one case, they had sent a photo to a man who didn’t even ask for one and tried to get him to send one back. One man, who actually took the bait, after going on a site that is purported to have adult escorts, ended up killing himself. He was 62 and according to his daughters, had battled depression for 8 years. This is from the same state where lawmakers had prosposed the creation of a seperate registry for men who “pay off prostitutes,” even for the ones who are not trafficking victims and willingly do sex work (which is what I’m pointing toward, not the victims of sex trafficking).

    What happened to those men and the proposal the lawmakers made, was in an oversexualized country, where desperate men could not simply go find a woman at a bar or something or find one on some app.

    All some of them could do is watch garbage on a PC, tablet, or smartphone and God forbid, some of them get involved with the garbage that isn’t legal. Society provides them certain objects to degrade themselves with and just might provide sex robots for some of these men in the future. The garbage from the porn industry itself has content, and titles and descriptions of said content which subliminally put a desire for teen girls and/or incest into people’s subconscious. In fact, the worse evils of American society are embraced, encouraged, and promoted under the guise of “harmless fantasy.” Altogether they are sexual relations with minor females, incest (involving minors of course, and incest would just be “bad,” not evil, between two consenting adults, at least in the eyes of the people), r#pe (towards woman and minors), sexual assault (towards women and minors), sadism (which is often tied into murders and/or kidnappings), beastiality, sex trafficking, and slavery. But all of the garbage from the porn industry is evil to me nonetheless.

  3. Rebecca

    The situation that you and your son are in, is truly sad. The threat from the officer seems to be more out of spite than anything else. It doesn’t make sense that not only would your son be arrested but arrested for violations that he couldn’t have avoided. It wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever, for someone in his condition to be put into jail. These sort of people, such as the officer, have no conscious and they make up the majority.

  4. This has GOT to be Florida, which imposes strict liability for failure to report temporary residences or even changes in phone numbers.

    Neither of which has any connection to public safety, of course.

    And that’s one of the amazing things in this account— the officers, in threatening arrest, are not even making a pretense of doing so in the interest of public safety!

    This is (almost) unbelievable, and I’m so sorry.

  5. sue for violation of American’s with disabilities! You have fundamental rights to have health care, and under the equal protection clause, inmates from prison with those crimes, are not “registered” at the hospital, thus, I believe, you do not have to.

    Since they are harassing you over this, treating you, this brings up due process violations, for they are telling you that your going to be violated without even having a court appearance.

    If they do this, sue for a million dollars, copy the court forms to the local news.

  6. I’m so sorry this happened… I spent over 10 years on the registry (in different states and counties). The registrars were very different in each of the places I had to register. Some registrars thought it was their duty to be mean and unfair, while 2 (only 2) were fair and professional. Hopefully your son will get a judge that understands his situation. I’ll be praying for you both…

  7. I’m so sorry that you are going through this. What state is this out of? And how long ago did this happen? Sorry for the questions, but just trying to get a better idea since all states are different.

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