It never ends

By Todd…

I committed my crime back in 2014. I wont go into details about it but was not a physical act. I got out of prison November 2016. I applied for a job doing what I have done for majority of my adult life, which is working in the automotive industry. On my application there was no questions about previous criminal history so I did not have to put what I had done. Several months after I had been working at the shop and proved myself to the owner he did background checks on everyone. He never mentioned anything to me about it. He gave me the opportunity to manage the shop 8 months after I had started. Shortly after that he sold one of his other shops and brought all employee files to my shop to be kept secure. While putting them away I saw a big file for me so I looked through it and found lots of notes about what I’d done, who my neighbor was and so on. He still never said anything to me. Fast forward to working for him 3 yrs and 9 months. He franchises the store to me. I am very grateful for his ability to look past a person’s flaws and at their worth. So today I get in to work and I am out in the shop and my advisor comes in and says there is a guybhere who wants to talk to the owner about his son’s car. I think nothing about it. I come in and he asks are you the owner and I say yes. He asks me my name and I say my name. He gets a surprised look on his face and then says here you’ve been served. He then turns to my advisor and says do you know that your boss is a registered sex offender on the sex offenders list. He then turns to one of my customers, a little older lady and tells her the same thing. I have to tell him 4 times to get out of my shop and off my property. I think he was hoping to speak to the owner and inform them that I was a sex offender. I ruined that for him. However none of my employees knew about my past. Now I had a dilemma… do I ask my advisor, who is a 30 yr old female to not say anything to anyone…. no I couldn’t do that. I had to let go of my pride so I went out to the shop and told everyone that I wanted them to all come out back because I needed to talk to them. I then proceeded to tell them about my past expecting the worst. To my surprise they were all understanding of my situation. I told them what I had done and said that if anyone had issues I would understand… Nobody did. We have gone about the rest of the day today with a little tension but almost like nothing had happened other than me joking a little with my advisor about my time away… The thing that makes no sense about the situation is that the guy was serving me papers for restraining order on my ex wife who lives 3 hrs from me and I have not contacted since the first restraining order was issued in 2015. The person whom the crime was against didn’t refile and I assume has moved on with her life. There was no reason for the guy to go beyond what he was here to do and serve me with the papers. I am assuming he is a friend of my ex and they were just trying to continue to make life harder for me then it has been since I made my mistake. I will attend the hearing via zoom and request the the restraining order be approved for a lifetime order so that she has no reason to ever contact me again.

4 thoughts on “It never ends

  1. I believe that the best way for a registered citizen to find peace is to not ‘live in the shadows’ of life. When I first moved into my neighborhood I let my new neighbors know in writing about my past…the good and the bad. It turned out to be a wise decision. With one minor exception I have gotten along fine with my neighbors for over 16 years. Truth be known, all have something in their background that they are not proud of. I now live a relatively normal life and look forward to each day.

  2. There is hope for everyone. We all make mistakes in life. Some people are caught some are not. I know that I have done way more good in my life than bad. I served in the military, I was a volunteer firefighter for 10 yrs and I was a correctional officer for 5. I have always tried to do the right thing just got a little side tracked with an addiction created when I was young. God bless you to and stay strong.

  3. Congrats. You handled the situation very well and I wish best wishes and God’s blessings to you and yours. Thanks for the good news for us.

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