False Accusation Nightmare

By Dan… My son was falsely accused of molesting his 19 month old daughter in September 2010. The accuser was his ex-wife, a somewhat mentally impaired individual with whom he was living. He had just landed a good job and was taking care of her and their 2 small children. He was arrested at his … [Read more…]

20 years of registration feels like a lifetime.

By Connie… My husband visually offended two adult women by wearing shorts without underwear and was charged with indecent exposure in 2003. He was advised by his lawyer to plead guilty expecting to receive 10 years probation and registry, but the judge unreasonably with held sentencing for many months till the law was changed to … [Read more…]

Don’t Travel to Florida

By Daytona… Don’t travel to Florida,as I found the hard way.Bottom line is I didn’t domy homework.I’m a level 1 living in Mass. In 2015 I made a decision to move to Floridaand retire there.I had lived in Mass all my life without any trouble with thelaw. Its been 30 years since my sentencing.There was … [Read more…]

In Relationship with RSO. Seeking Advice.

By Ella… I am currently in a relationship with a person on the registry in Maryland and we are seriously considering starting a family. I want to make the most informed decision I can and I would love to talk to people who may be in a similar situation. I so badly want to make … [Read more…]

College Rejection

By Elizabeth… My letter below will explain the circumstances of my sons case and the incident at hand. Please feel free to share taking out any names and personal information. In this letter I am updating the local newspaper I reached out to hoping to buy ad space in the local paper after hearing they … [Read more…]

Film-maker/Registrant looking for stories

My name is Matt and I was convicted of a sex offense in 2006. Some of you may know me already. I got caught up in the “non-nude” underage modeling websites back then and was arrested and convicted of downloading and distributing CP (even though the photos were all non-nude). I take FULL responsibility of … [Read more…]

Update on travel experience

By TM… I want to give an update and recap of my international travel this year. In February/March this year I travelled to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Turkey. I had no issues leaving the United States and no issues entering Bosnia. I did have a bit of a scare at the Bosnian-Croatian border. I drove out … [Read more…]

Private Attorney General

By James Coghill I’m a paralegal not a lawyer. What I am about to write should not be construed in any way as legal advice and this information is provided for your education only, freely given without charge. What you do with this knowledge is entirely up to you. To get into court as a … [Read more…]