It doesn’t make sense!

Original post date: 24.05.2008

In late 1997 I was convicted of second degree sexual assault of a child. I was 19 years old when the consensual “offense” occured. I served 6 months jail and 3 1/2 years probation for the crime. Now 10 years later I find myself back on probation for something completely unrelated (domestic disorderly for arguing with girlfriend) and I am forced to comply with sex offender probation rules and restrictions once again because I was formerly on sex offender probation. It just doesn’t make sense. I have worn this scarlet letter for ten years already. When I was sentenced I was only required to register for 15 years then they changed it to lifetime registrant. How can they legally keep changing these rules and restrictions? Why should this affect me and my family 10 years after I’ve been sentenced and served my time?

Most recently I was notified that I am to immediatly evacuate my residence because I live to close to a “park”. If by park they mean a section of grass with a sidewalk running through it and a couple benches then I guess I do. I guess they don’t take into consideration that I live just as close to the police station next to the park.

I have lived here for a month and have signed a one year lease.My probation officer suggested that I try to work it out with my landlord. Yeah I’m sure my landlord is going to be real understanding that the nice guy with a family that he rents to is a registered sex offender and might have to bail on the lease.

I have also had to take antidepressants since shortly after the asault conviction. I still to this day have a constant fear being in public and wondering “who knows?”. At least a convicted murderer gets the luxury of knowing when their sentence will end.

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