Counselors Make Life Miserable

Original post date: 5/8/2008

I do not see the need for a website so that the ‘public’ knows where a sex offender lives. Why? Do we know where murderers and burglars live? No, we don’t. My best friend has been paroled to me and it’s been no picnic. He has been verbally abused by his one agent who constantly called him ‘Jerry’ for ‘Jerry’s kids’. They are set up to fail once released as (the state) wants them all locked up. My friend can’t even talk to his children because they are minors. It’s ridiculous. I would imagine family support would be helpful, not harmful. And what the state calls counseling? They should be ashamed of themselves. They’re not here to help anyone. Their goal is to make life absolutely miserable in the hopes that you will re-offend.
Anonymous in Illinois

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