Woman Teacher Unjustly Accused

originally posted 8/15/2008

I was a Special Education teacher for about 23 years, teaching all kinds of students from mentally challenged to learning disabled. I was (I think) well respected because I related to my students and treated them like people. Yes, I even gave hugs to both guys and gals!!! I was accused and convicted of touching a 16 year old male special education student and flashing my breasts, supposedly in the downstairs locker room area where they have cameras. When asked on what date(s) this happened, the police said victims don’t have to provide specific dates.

When asked about what the video cameras showed, they told me they weren’t working.

When brought to the police station, I didn’t ask for a lawyer because I didn’t believe anything would come out of it. I was arrested for 2nd degree child molestation, forced to resign my job and was a WRECK for 4 months. I had serious thoughts of suicide but because I had a daughter and husband, did not follow through. My lawyer told me the prosecuting attorney would charge me with a felony if I went to trial because it would “disrupt” the victim’s schooling and sports. I believe now it was because the victim would have refused to testify.

My lawyer said to plead guilty to child molestation(a misdemeanor). I did believing he was telling me the right thing to do, not knowing what that meant in my state …….LIFETIME REGISTRATION.

I was on probation of 2 yrs, went to work at commercial sales, was a model worker (the highest commission seller in my department)and a model citizen. A local newspaper decided to do a story on where sex offenders work. Guess where they got their info? You got it….the Sex Offender Registry. When hired, employees were not given a background check. But after newspaper called and ALERTED them, they suspended me and two other good workers who were also sex offenders. We were then FIRED because we failed to pass the background check.

I have really been struggling to find a decent job, one that doesn’t demand a background check. I have been collecting food stamps,unemployment, and go to the food bank. The stress has been so bad that even though my husband supported me through it all, we have divorced after 27 yrs. of marriage. I am looking into moving to a state that does not have LIFETIME REGISTRATION.Can anybody give me info on that? I would like a warm climate. God bless those who are supporting us!!!!

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