Another Plea, Not a Bargain!

originally posted 8/20/2008

A young family member was recently given what he and his family believe was a very harsh sentence. His attorney advised him to plead guilty in a sex offender case. He allegedly used the internet to view child pornography and he allegedly had in his possession CDs with child pornography. To my knowledge he never tried to approach in person any minor or had any personal relationship with a minor. After his plea he had to wait under house arrest almost one year to be sentenced. Even though he never committed a prior crime and he never had personal contact of any kind with a minor, he was given a 78-month sentence. But, after he completes his sentence he has to be under supervision for a number of years and he will have so many restrictions that it is hard to imagine once he comes out how he can possibly have a normal life. He made a terrible mistake. We all understand this, but his punishment seems too extreme.

Could you kindly let us know if even though he pleaded guilty and gave up his right to appeal (in exchange for a lighter sentence according to his attorney) can he do something to lessen his sentence? Does he have any recourse? Can he take any action? We truly believe the judge
was unjust and biased.

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