The Ordeal Goes On and On

originally posted 8/24/2008

In the year 2000, while my son was living with a friend of his, the friend went to a local mall and brought home 2 girls who said their ages were 18. My son did not have intercourse with the girl and both of the girls spent the night with my son and his friend. The men did not have anything else to do with the girls, who got upset and told their parents, who filed charges in May 2001.

While awaiting to go before the judge for a plea agreement, they processed my son for a 2nd Child Molestation charges. My son lived with a girl and her mother earlier. The mother knew of the relationship and my son knew that she was 13 yrs old (my son was 19 yrs old). Long after the relationship ended, she became pregnant (not by my son). The father, who was not at home, inquired who all she had been with and she named everyone. (Point: the father of the baby is also an adult) The prosecuting attorney had the hearing continued, so that the pregnant minor/victim did not appear in front of the judge until after she gave birth.

My son is now considered a sex predator, after spending time in prison. He did the time and was out on probation, and his PO harassed him continually and visited him at this residence weekly, but in his file he had an incorrect address and they revoked his probation for failure to maintain a residence. He was found guilty and he appealed. The Appellate Court ruled in his favor and he was released. They picked him up 2 months later and again revoked his probation due to the fact that he could not find housing. Now they tell him, he has to have a verifiable address before he is released, or he will not be released. How in the world can they continue to incarcerate a person after the person has served his sentence???

I feel that they need to take a step back and really look at what is a child molester, and what about young girls who lie about their age to be with the older boys. And where were the parents of these two 13 yr old girls? What type of parent takes their children and drops them off at the mall for the day to hang out? Perhaps the parents need to protect them a lot more!

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