Who Is the Real Victim Here?

originally posted 8/25/2008

To all that care,
In 1992 The (state)Department of Law Enforcement, The US Postal Service as well as the (local) County Sheriff’s Office and the (local) Police Department raided my home and took possession of 3 video tapes that were hand delivered to me 20 minutes earlier that morning. They claimed in a search warrant that I was a child pornographer. They threatened me with a 10 year sentence in prison if I didn’t talk. They handcuffed me (and took me) to jail, immediately dropped the Disributor and Videographer warrants and held me for Possession of Materials depicting the Performance of a Minor with a bail of $1000.00.

My high profile Attorney called it the worst case of Entrapment in the State’s history; he talked me out of a Jury Trial, had me plea no contest and Adjudication was Withheld without Guilt. Conviction without Guilt, 8 years supervised Probation  Therapy and no nudity… YES, No Nudity!

So in 1996, I was required to Register for Life. I still don’t know what the heck was on those tapes! I had ordered Videos from a well known adult catalog of legal materials. ….I have been publicly scorned, thrown out of public places, threats of violence against me, loss of employment, my local PD comes over and checks me out and if I’m not home, they call me… I’m in total compliance with all registrations and they have pics of my house, car and me on different LEA Websites. And for what? 3 videos. Manufactured videos, to boot, mailed to me.

I just got turned down for Expungement as the wording, “Performance of a Minor or Child,” denies me any hope. I’m searching for a good Civil Rights, Expungement or Sex Offender Lawyer. I have been in release since 2001, I have no prior or current record other than this. I have written letters to everyone about my loss of friends, loss of employment and the fact that the term Sex Offender has taken over my life. My career as a Filmmaker is basically over. That’s how the authorities got the idea to pursue Child Pornographer charges) I have a big Documentary Film on the Festival circuits right now, but when anyone types my name into a search engine, my Sex Offender flyer comes up first, in between all my accomplishments.

I need help badly, legal and otherwise. I have to ask, Who really is the Victim here?

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