Angry and Alone

originally posted 11/30/2008

My husband of 32 years was also caught in a sting operation and is awaiting sentencing for getting on an airplane. Nothing more really. He has mental issues and was enticed by a sting operation in another state to get on that plane. He was arrested before he ever got off the plane. He was encouraged to plead because he was told that he couldn’t get a fair trial given the “evidence” against him which consisted only of chat logs and wiretaps. It seems that he’s fueling the political ambitions of some US Attorney in the state in which he was caught. Who’s sicker here?

This has ruined our family in every way, financially, emotionally, etc. He will be about 70 when he gets out of jail and who knows where he will be able to live or if he will ever have a job again (he was a small business owner before his arrest).

I feel so angry and alone!

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