A Mistake Costs a Lifetime of Punishment

originally posted 11/24/2008

I think your idea is a great one. I am a wife of a SO and I happen to think that he is the greatest as well. He had consensual sex with a 14 year old when he was 17 but they waited and charged him for it when he turned 18. They were both in school at the time.I think they need to classify their categories a little better. I think of an SO as a rapist or a man who (abuses) children not as a child who has just become a man and is still in high school who has some fun with a freshman or sophomore. if that’s the case then a lot of us are SO’s not charged. We have a boy and girl and 1 on the way. He has a hard time finding work and doing the things a 28 yr old should be doing. SO I know what you are going thru definitely. God bless! Some people need to put the shoe on the other foot and not be so judgemental. We all make mistakes, but are we all punished for them for a lifetime?

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