Another Living Nightmare….About to Explode!

originally posted 11/18/2008

This story is typical of many and is similar to mine as well.
Jail time, probation, fines and counseling, or as they call it, “treatment,” were all what I expected for my crime,
but losing my rights to live, work and play freely in my country of origin after I have successfully completed my sentence was not what I expected. To become a lifetime suspect in all sex crimes no matter how, who, what, when and where is to me the sign of a very paranoid and sick society.

I’m appalled when I hear our politicians chastise other countries for human rights violations against their citizens, while the U.S. currently engages in depriving their citizens of basic housing. In their endeavor for security they are unwittingly building an army of outcasts, hardened in their prisons and then released upon their streets with little or no chance of redemption.

With the decline of the economy, crime will inevitably increase, and with it more laws and more felons will be produced without a future to redeem themselves. A vicious cycle that will explode sooner or later.

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