Couple Want Family–PO Asks Them Why

originally posted 12/12/2008

I am the fiance of a sex offender. He was sentenced to 10 years to life probation of the highest level. I haven’t been able to see him since he was released in August, but have been able to speak to him on the phone and every conversation we have involves how his therapist and P.O. are mistreating him.

For example he has been out for 3 months and has had none of his safety plans approved for general movement like taking the bus or just walking, for computer use to find a job at the Workforce Dept. His P.O. told him one week to just call and tell her what his plans are at the beginning of everyday. He does, and the next week she asks him why he didn’t call and ask permission during which time in the week she never called him back.

We talk about our wedding and the potential to have a family and in his therapy groups they question why he would have such conversations with his fiancee. I thought the whole point was for him to eventually lead a normal life.

He is not at risk to reoffend; he is remorseful and just wants help so that eventually we can be together, and they are punishing the family that supports him. He went to register at the courthouse and got in trouble for going alone and now has to write a reason why he was walking into the courthouse alone. His P.O. told him he could register by himself then said she never said it. The actions of the P.O. and therapist are contradictory and confusing to an S.O. trying to do the right thing.

I’m not condoning his crime but I am condemning the actions of the public officials making it impossible for S.O. to become a part of society again. Thank you for listening.

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  1. Thats bull crap, the only thing i can tell you is 1. If i we’re you is take a look at your paperwork from your P.O. that he gave you which will have all the rules you must follow and you paperwork from your registration.
    2. Find out what the laws are where you live and it’s a possibility to record the conversation so when your PO tries to lie you will have the proof, if you can’t record then what i would do when your PO says you can go by yourself to the court house ask him/her to put it in writing with there signiture and they say no the don’t go.

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