What a Neighbor Thought She Saw…

originally posted 12/12/2008

My husband was wrongly convicted of a sexual offence because of what a neighbor across the street thought she saw.

There was a little 6 year old girl who was one of the children from across the street who would come to play with him when they lived here. One day the child came over and was stepping on his hand. He was trying to remove her from his hand and the neighbor thought she saw him lift up the little girl’s dress.

He went to jail and a court appointed lawyer asked him to plead the Alfred plea to avoid trial. As a result he was accused as a violent sex offender. (And yet, this situation I am explaining was non-violent.)

This incident happened in 1996. He has had a record ever since then, gone to probation; counseling for this and also anger counselling. He followed all of the rules, including to mail finger prints in every 90 days, etc.

This has prohibited him from getting a job. He likes landscaping.
I support your cause and hope you can get somewhere.
If you can give me some advice please let me know.
I would like for him to get his record cleared if not reduced because it was so long ago and not violent by any means.

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