Patriotism Evidently Doesn’t Matter

originally posted 12/16/2008

My son (same name…I am “Jr” he is “III”) has been convicted and served prison time after being entrapped by Law Enforcement. He had been 8 years in the Army and served this country in both Iraq and S. Korea (hence the “patriot” moniker). I served in the Air Force in the early 70s…considered myself a patriotic veteran – no longer however! I will not even fly the flag anymore. At my age, to lose one’s fundamental “belief system” is devastating.


1 thought on “Patriotism Evidently Doesn’t Matter

  1. originally sumbitted shortly after the original posting

    Please do not give up on your country. You and your son have been very patriotic and served your country. Just because the laws are so very unfair and stupid please don’t blame the entire country. I thank you for you and your sons service. I too am a vet of the Vietnam era. I also think that we have much work to do in getting this country back on track. Don’t give up the fight please.

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