Not Treated Like Human Beings

originally posted 1/10/2009

I want to state that I am NOT a sex offender, but I have committed a sex offense. The term “sex offender” implies continued behaviors. I am, by “legal” terms a sex offender, but admitting that hinders any chances of me being treated like a human being.

I am now living in an RV on a piece of land with no running water or sewage, electricity and I keep getting death threats where I live. I am in the process of getting recordings of the threats and vandalism. Cops in this town say I don’t have to live there. What they don’t understand is that I am on parole, and parole forces me to look elsewhere for a place to live.. nowhere near schools, parks, daycare centers and other places where children regularly congregate. What this means, is virtually no place is available for me. It’s only being enforced on parolees in California. Additionally, if I register as a transient, I cannot be physically located at one premises for more than 2 hours a time – So how do I get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time? This is a rule for sex offender parole transients in California. Think I’m crazy? I’m not. With just $200 “gate money” leaving prison, people are forced to resort to going back to prison just to have a legal place to stay for more than 2 hours at a time. I am extremely lucky I know a couple
of law enforcement officials who know my story and stuck their necks out for me; otherwise I’d be in prison for the laws that just passed in California.

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